A Spin at the Museum


The purpose of this project is to improve the Geneva’s cultural offer and to share special moments around the artistic world. Based on the observation that guided tours provided by different artistic places are usually in french or in english and sometimes in other western languages, it seemed necessary to fill this gap by diversifying the offer. In an international city like Geneva, we intend to set regularly guided tours in japanese, french and english approaching different artistic spheres.

With a Bachelor in History of Art, a Master in Japanese Studies and a MAS (Master in advance studies) in Museology, I would like to comprehend different artistic places and specific exhibitions viewing them from an original point. In the same time I would like to encourage exchanges and discussion about topics or personal experiences with the participants.

Would it not be interesting to talk about literature or music when admiring a painting that today we only see as an object part of a museum? Why couldn’t we think about present issues helped by yesterday works? Why couldn’t we meditate in front of a sculpture and make bonds between this art and a text, a thought, a memory? That is the adventure we hope to enjoy sharing with you!